About Gardien

Gardien was created to tackle this very real and often fatal, completely preventable problem. With Gardien, you will feel at ease knowing your child is safe and out of harm’s way.

Why did we create Gardien?

Why this product is important?

Message from Our Founders

We believe that kids are our biggest treasure. They are not only our future, but the little ones we take care the most and for which we strive forward every day. However, under all the stress we live today sometimes there is vulnerability in us, not because we want, it just happens. Established in 2013, Momentum Creative Labs LLC has been dedicated to create solutions that can assist us in the everyday things. Simple solutions using today’s technological advances without getting in our way. With that on mind we created Gardien Alert, to assist us and make sure we never forget the unforgettable.

It’s a simple equation: an overloaded mind, a sudden change in routine, and a minor distraction is all it takes for a parent to leave their child behind. Have you ever forgotten your keys? That’s your brain skipping a beat. Gardien was conceived to tackle this very real and often fatal, completely preventable problem. We is are parents helping parents, making sure this never happens to anyone.”

Business Dev Winners

One of the winners of the Enterprize Next business development competition in 2013

Best Safety Product Award

Awarded the best safety product by the PTPA organization at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo

Startup.pr Award

Awarded a $100K grant from Startup.pr in alliance with ACT Global & the University of Turabo

1st Place

First place on the Innoventure business development competition in 2014 

HIT Winners

One of the winners of HIT3001 business development competition in 2015

US Patented

Granted US Patent US9393897 B2 in 2016

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